What is a parent involved preschool?

In a parent involved preschool, children, parents and teachers are equally important. The goal of a parent involved preschool is to provide an enriching preschool experience for children and to promote understanding and participation by parents in the early childhood education of their children.


Parents have the chance to be involved, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.


A parent involved preschool is organized and administered by the parents, and operates under the direction of trained teachers. In order for this school to run successfully, everyone must work together.

There are certain duties and responsibilities which are divided up amongst the parents. The success of the daily operations of the school depends on the fulfillment of these responsibilities.

Active and Non-Active Memberships

Meadowest Preschool is a co-operative learning school, and as such we strongly encourage all parents to participate in the operation of the school. We realize, however, that not all members are able to actively participate. We therefore have a choice of two memberships.


Active members must attend our Orientation Meeting, assist our teacher in the classroom on designated duty days and commit to a job that contributes to the organization of the school.


Non-Active members must attend our Orientation Meeting and they are not required to have a job. In the event that all the spaces for Non-Active members are filled, you may be placed on a waiting list and have the option of participating as an Active member until a space is available.

Your role as an Active Member of Meadowest


Attend scheduled duty days
As a duty parent, you will have a chance to see firsthand how your child interacts and is getting along in the classroom. Depending on the number of children registered in a particular class, duty days are usually 1-2 classes per month.


Your role will consist of things such as; preparing the snack for that day, cleaning the washrooms, sorting the children's artwork and assisting the teacher with small tasks.


These efforts truly are rewarding when you can observe how your input directly contributes to your child's first school experience. Those who are not able to participate in these roles can register as a Non-Active member for an increased monthly fee.


Take on one 'job' to help in the operation of the school

Each family will be asked to take on a school 'job'. Some jobs are more involved than others, but never is someone asked to take on a job that they do not feel comfortable doing. The jobs vary from 'Class Representative' to 'Duty Scheduler' to 'Play Dough Maker' to 'President.


Each task is equally important in order for the school to operate efficiently and maximize the teacher's time with the children. The result for your child is a better learning opportunity with a more focused teaching staff. Non-Active members are not required to take on a school job, but are still encouraged to volunteer for any opportunities that may be presented.


Attend an orientation session
This meeting gives parents, caregivers and teachers the opportunity to express concerns or ideas about the school. Financial operations are presented and new ideas for fundraising are brought to the table.


As a participant in this meeting, you will have firsthand knowledge of how the money is budgeted, and have say in how you think it should be spent.