What is a preschool?

A preschool (or nursery school) is an organization which provides early education for children ages 2 to 5 years old. Preschools are taught by registered early childhood education (RECE) teachers.

The preschool is licensed by the Ministry of Education.

What is a parent involved preschool?

In a parent involved school, children, parents and teachers are equally important. The goal of a parent involved preschool is to provide an enriching preschool experience for children and to promote understanding and participation by parents in the early childhood education of their children. Parents have the chance to be involved, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. A parent involved preschool is organized and administered by the parents, and operates under the direction of trained teachers.


In order for a parent involved school to run successfully, everyone must work together. There are certain duties and responsibilities which are divided up amongst the parents. The success of the daily operations of the school depends on the fulfillment of these responsibilities.

Is preschool different than daycare?

While preschools and daycares are both accredited and held accountable to the same government agency, preschools have a number of distinct advantages for your 2 to 5 year old child. Firstly, Meadowest Preschool specializes in this age group, whereas a daycare often cares for a wider range of age groups, including infants.


The curriculum at Meadowest Preschool is organized around a play-based approach to learning, whereas the major focus of a daycare may be more custodial in practice.


Lastly, because Meadowest Preschool is a parent involved preschool, the tuition fees are often less expensive than daycares. Please note that although Meadowest Preschool offers both morning and afternoon classes, we do not offer a full day program.

How does a preschool help to prepare my child for JK?

The most important thing that Meadowest Preschool does for your child is to provide them with an opportunity to interact with other children in a nurturing, supportive environment. Preschool also makes the transition into kindergarten easier by teaching skills such as appropriate classroom behaviour, socialization (compromising, waiting, problem solving), building independence and improving communication.


The curriculum for Meadowest Preschool also includes the development of pre-reading, writing, and basic math skills.

How do I register for Meadowest Preschool?

To register, complete the Registration package in full. The package can be obtained from the teacher in the classroom, or printed from our website. Please ensure that ALL information is complete on the forms.

Do the children participate in circle time?

Yes, we usually have all the children come together for circle time following the outside play period, and again before the children are dismissed for the day. These times are focused on the calendar, weather, their names, stories, group games and songs. Additionally, children are brought together in small groups with the teacher by participating in the various play centres and craft tables.


Is there a snack time for the children?

Yes, the children are given a healthy snack each day at school. Snack time is also an opportunity to promote independence and socialization skills.

If I need to withdraw my child from the school, how much notice is required?

Should you need to withdraw your child from the school, you must give at least 30 days notice by the last day of the month. Cheques will be deposited on the 1st day of each month and are non-refundable once cashed. Notice should be presented to the President and the Registrar.

What if my child doesn’t speak English?

Enrolling your child in Meadowest Preschool will provide them with opportunities to learn English through stories, songs and interacting with other children and teachers. In addition to developing language skills, all preschoolers express themselves through their body language, so even through the earliest days our teachers will be able to understand and communicate with your child.

Can my child start preschool throughout the year?

Our preschool calendar begins the week after the public and separate school boards commence school in September, and ends the week before the school boards finish school in June. If there is space available, we will take children during the school year, until the end of March. Please contact our teacher or the registrar for availability. Meadowest Preschool does not operate during the summer months.


Does my child need to be potty trained to attend preschool?

Although we would prefer that children are potty trained, your child is allowed to come to school with a diaper/pull-up if the mother/father/caregiver is immediately available to come in and change your child if they have a bowel movement. Please note that teachers are not allowed to change diapers.


Do you take children less than 2?

We do not take children under the age of 2.


Why do I need a Criminal Reference Check?

The Criminal Reference Check is required for all Active parents who will be assisting in the classroom. This form is available only at the school and requires you to go to a Police Station (as listed on the form) and submit the form. There is no cost for this check.

The form will be sent to your home. Once received, it must be shown to the Registrar or teacher. You will get the form back to keep for your records.


Why do I need a Duty Person Medical Form?

The Duty Person Medical Form is required for all Active parents who will be assisting in the classroom. This form requires you to have a TB test, an up-to-date diphtheria/tetanus/polio booster and an MMR booster or documented immunity. Go to your doctor and have them perform and/or record the necessary tests and boosters.

If there are extenuating circumstances which do not allow you to complete this form, please speak with the Registrar. If needed, Immunization exemption forms may be obtained from the teacher.

Fee Subsidy Information

The Region of Peel provides financial help to eligible families with the cost of licensed child care for children up to 12 years of age. Eligibility is based on income level and reason for care.

To be eligible for a fee subsidy you must:

  • have filed last year's income tax return and have your current Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Notice

  • live in Peel (Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga)

  • be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or refugee with a valid work permit or school authorization

  • be working, self-employed, in school or in a training program full-time or part-time

  • be the parent, foster parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) and living with them

Licensed care is available in centre, school or
home-based programs.

Visit peelregion.ca/children or call us at 905-793-9200 to check for licensed child care programs or apply for a fee subsidy