Our Mission Statement and Philosophies

Our mission is to provide early childhood education to children ages 2 to 5 years, in a unique co-operative setting, located in a dedicated facility. We offer low student-to-teacher ratios, exemplary teaching staff and a fully developed educational program. We encourage open communication between teaching staff and parents.


Our preschool programs are designed to challenge, enlighten and enrich the individual needs and abilities of the children in a safe, enjoyable and nurturing environment. Our caring, positive environment encourages the growth of independence, self-confidence, respect and a sense of responsibility at a level appropriate to the child's development.


We strive to consistently maintain the high standards of education which have established Meadowest Preschool as a premier learning facility. We provide children with basic skills that will promote independence and provide them with a solid foundation for future formal education.

Our School

Meadowest Preschool is a cooperative learning preschool that was established in 1977 in the heart of Meadowvale. We have been located at the Meadowvale Community Centre since 1981 and have relocated to the 3020 Vanderbilt Road while the community centre is being rebuilt. 


Our preschool offers learning through theme-based play for children 2 to 5 years old. Our large classroom provides the children with a variety of play centres, which enhance their social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. The school also has its own fenced playground with full climbing structure.

History of Meadowest

In 1977, the new community of Meadowvale was mushrooming with a variety of clubs and neighbourhood activities, but did not have a preschool. As a result, a group of concerned parents met at the old Eden United Church building to formulate plans for a parent involved preschool.


In September 1977, the new Meadowvale West Preschool was opened in the Vroom Condominium #138 on Copenhagen Road, and admitted its first group of children. Since then the school has changed in many ways. The name has been changed to Meadowest Preschool and the school has been incorporated.


Meadowest became affiliated with the Mississauga Parks and Recreation Department in the early 1980's. This provided the school with liability insurance, an opportunity to apply for government grants and other services. In 1981 the school moved to the Meadowvale Community Centre. It has doubled its enrolment since that time.


In 2014, the preschool moved to its current location at 3020 Vanderbilt Road, during the Meadowvale Community Centre re-development.