Welcome to Meadowest! We are a non profit preschool where teachers, parents and children join together to make preschool an inviting, fun filled and rewarding experience for everyone.

Meadowest Preschool is closing.
We regret to say that Meadowest Preschool is closing its doors after 43 years serving the Meadowvale community. We wish to thank past members, friends and well wishers for their past support. Past members who gave us a chance to shape their children's lives through learning, we especially thank you and hope we made a difference.  We wish all a bright future and good health!  Thank you.

We prepare children for Kindergarten in a supportive environment where children learn through play. Our large classroom provides our children with a variety of play centres, which enhance their social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills.


Enriching children's lives since 1977